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In the spotlight: Liz Taylor as Cher


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Will the real Liz Taylor please stand up...

LIZ TAYLOR literally is a One Woman Show. Singer, Entertainer, MC, Actor, Producer, Stage Director, Fundraiser and most recently, Civil Celebrant.  Here’s a brief outline:

SINGER Liz has always been able to mimic voices & accents, her One Woman Show is all about that. Supplemented with costume and wig changes her powerful voice changes from sensitive and sweet Marilyn Monroe to ‘kick ass’ power diva Tina Turner in minutes. Her voice coach and mentor Don Grayden has left an indelible mark with Liz. She spent 11 years under his guidance until he passed away in 2007. She applies his techniques to this day.

PRESENTER/MC - Liz is in heavy demand as a Presenter/MC for Corporate Events, Awards Nights, Product Launches and even the odd wedding. This includes voice over work for TV & Radio. Liz honed her skills at the Max Rowley Media Academy receiving the Academy’s Award for TV Presenter of the Year on completion of the Diploma Course.

ACTOR - In 2010 Liz moved into the world of acting. She was hand picked to play a leading role in the Musical Theatre Production of ‘Beaudy’ as the conniving cougar Patrice. In 2011 she played the role of Lady Capulet in 'Romeo & Juliet a Vampiric Tale' at the Town Hall Theatre in Campbelltown and returned in November as ‘Ouiser’ in the Campbelltown Theatre Groups Production of 'Steel Magnolias'. Stay tuned for more in 2012.

CIVIL CELEBRANT – In 2012 Liz launched a new arm to her business.  She is now fully qualified and registered to perform Civil Ceremonies.  Being an Entertainer Liz is always willing to consider something a little outside the square.  As long as it's legal and doesn't offend, why not?   Weddings, Funerals, Commitment Ceremonies, Baby Namings and Pet Funerals can all be officiated by Liz so why not let her 'Taylor' the right service for your special occasion.  Go to her dedicated website for more info:

ACHIEVEMENTS - Liz has received 8 MO Awards and 2 ACE Awards (given for excellence in live entertainment) throughout her career. Her One Woman Show has proved popular throughout all genres of audiences. Corporate to Club, Cruiseships to Private Parties. Liz has worked in stadiums and outdoor concerts with thousands of people attending and at a private dinner party for 10 people. She has sung jingles and recorded voice-overs for commercials and backing vocals for recording artists as well as her own recently recorded CD. Behind the scenes Liz works tirelessly in fundraising and was recognised for her charity and community work when presented with the John Campbell Fellowship Award at the 2008 MO Awards. Producing, writing, directing, marketing and even decorating the tables, Liz is hands on in all these activities. She’s a classy act with a great sense of humour, she can fly by the seat of her pants and loves a challenge. A keen skier and golfer with 2 Marathons, 4 Half Marathons, 9 City To Surfs to her name.

Liz is a dedicated professional who, after almost 30 years in show business as a singer/entertainer, is not afraid of change, challenge or doing the hard work to achieve results. In the last year she has done the preparation and work required to introduce new skills broadening her horizons in an ever changing climate.

Hardly resting on her laurels…..

Liz Taylor is

The Ultimate One Woman Show


Desperate Housewives

Comedy Cabaret, Dinners & Shows - be careful for what you wish for!

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